A clean source of green energy

The world needs more energy, and at some
point we must phase out fossil fuels.
We offer a natural way forward.

The future of energy

Kvina Energy intends to produce Hydrogen, Oxygen and Ammonia, cleaner resources produced cleanly from surplus hydropower.


Hydrogen is a viable replacement for fossil fuels, since it can store and carry enormous amounts of energy. Already, we’ve found ways to use hydrogen to power our cars, trucks, ships, airplanes and industry. We intend to make hydrogen from water.


Production of hydrogen from water leaves us with excess oxygen. This oxygen is in great demand in industries such as fish farming. This way even our byproducts can be put to good use.


Ammonia has already saved the world once: as fertilizer when food started becoming scarce during the population boom a century ago. Now, we can use ammonia for emissions-free energy, and it can be produced from the hydrogen we already make.

Strategic crossroads

Our facilities will be placed in the intersection between two major cities with international ports, at the crossroads of several transport routes, close to renewable energy sources and with direct access to the sea. A natural choice.